May 27, 2020
what to wear in hawaii

What to Wear in Hawaii During the Vacation?

Are you planning to travel Hawaai and wondering what to wear in Hawaii? There is no exact dress code at all. Usually, boys wear shorts, Hawaiian shirts, sports hats, slippers and girls wearing a short bikini, long dress, etc. But if we are going to travel somewhere we should dress to match the location and vacation mode.

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As I mentioned above there is no dress code so you can wear any type of clothing that is comfortable, casual, and handy for your body. Also, make sure to select cotton, linen or fabric cloths because Hawaii is warm location. To make it easier, we’ve listed below some cool items and clothes to wear in Hawaii.

What to Wear in Hawaii for Girls?

Long Floral Dress

what to wear in hawaii

Those kinds of dresses are suitable for evening vibes. That is so beautiful if a girl wearing Floral dress and also can get more attraction from others. Otherwise, you can wear these dresses for shopping, photo shooting or walk around in Honolulu or Waikiki.

Girls Shorts

what to wear in hawaii

Hawaii is a warm location as I mentioned above. So the best outfit for these kinds of warm places is Shorts. Also, this outfit suitable for lunch, walking around the beach or playing on the beach. Shorts are much comfortable than other cloths, so you might be carrying this outfit on Hawaii vacation.

Maxi Dress

what to wear in hawaii

This dress perfect for dinner vibes. Also, much suitable for evenings at the luau. Maxi dress is much comfortable than other cloths because of those clothes made by cotton or fabric materials. In addition, you must look great if you wearing these kinds of dresses.

Sun Hat

what to wear in hawaii

Sun hat is one of the most important items to carry when you go to Hawaii. Hawaii has very sunny and warm weather so we can’t walk or do any activities without a hat. So make sure to carry Sun Hat.

Flip-Flops, Sandals and Hiking boots

what to wear in hawaii

A traveler who wants to visit Hawaii should take a few pairs, because Hawaii has a sandy environment. Flip-Flops more suitable for the beach. When you are going to play on the beach, you must wear these Flip-Flops. Also, Sandals suitable for walk-around the island and you need boots for Hiking like Diamond Head.

What to Wear in Hawaii for Boys?


what to wear in hawaii

A boy on his way to Hawaii does not forget to carry a few shorts. Because shorts are the perfect set for sunny weather. There are several types of shorts to wear in Hawaii. If you go to the beach, you must wear beach shorts because beach shorts are much easier to handle on the water and sand. As well as if you are going to walk around the island or Hiking you should wear cotton or fabric shorts for it.

Beach Shirts

what to wear in hawaii

Another special dress code for boys is Beach shirts. These shirts are perfect for beach parties, evening vibes, and dinners. If you are wearing these types of shirts you can get more attraction from other people and also, you look handsome.


what to wear in hawaii

T-shirts are a common fabric for boys. T-shirts are appropriate for any place you visit. Be sure to carry a cotton or fabric t-shirt because of the hot weather in Hawaii. In addition, don’t carry black t-shirts because very difficult to wear black clothes in sunny weather, especially t-shirts.

Sun Hat and Sunglasses

what to wear in hawaii

In hot weather, every people wearing sunglasses and a sun hat. So as we mentioned above Hawaii is a sunny place, so don’t forget to carry a sunglass and sun hat. Those items will protect you from sunshine.

Slippers and Boots

what to wear in hawaii

Hiking is the boy’s favorite thing. Hawaii has rough hiking places like Diamond Head, so make sure to carry the best hiking boots with you. As well as don’t forget to pack a few Slippers because you must need those in the hotel, beach and when you are walking around Hawaii.

Final Word

I hope you learn what to wear in hawaii. So please make sure to share this article with your friends if you got help. Also, if you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us through contact us page.