May 27, 2020
vegan restaurants new orleans

Top 5 Best Vegan Restaurants in New Orleans

If you are planning to travel to New Orleans, you shouldn’t forget delicious vegan foods. There are plenty of vegan restaurants in New Orleans that is delicious. But how to find the best restaurants and quality vegan foods in Big Easy?. Don’t worry, we’ve listed the 5 best vegan restaurants for you if you’re going to be there.

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5 Best Vegan Restaurants in New Orleans

01. Good Karma & South of Eden • Cuisine • Coffee • Botanicals

vegan restaurants new orleans

Good Karma restaurant was opened in 2014 and there are best vegan foods such as CHILAQUILES, AVOCADO TOAST, UPMA, BAGEL & CASHEW CREAM CHEESE and more. Also, employees are very friendly and they provide the best service for their clients. When you see the food menu, there are lots of vegan foods that you never eat before. One of my favorite food is “THE EVERYTHING PLATE“. It includes all the spices like Dhal, Kofta, Upma, Raita, Malayasian Curry, Mole, Rice, Salad, and Choice of Sauerkraut, Kimchi or Pickles. So if you are going to travel Big Easy try this amazing restaurant.

02. Seed

vegan restaurants new orleans

This is another best vegan restaurant in New Orleans. This restaurant opens from 11am to 9pm. So they have amazing vegan foods like CAULIFLOWER KATSU, KELP POBOY, BLUEBERRY BUCKWHEAT PANCAKES, APPLE BREAD, NOODLE SALAD and more. This Seed restaurant provides very healthy vegan foods. If you check out their food menu, you can see it. Also, it is cheaper than other restaurants and the quality is also excellent. Try this restaurant when you visit New Orleans.

03. Sweet Soulfood

vegan restaurants new orleans

Sweet Soulfood is another one of the great vegan food restaurants in New Orleans. They have a special food menu call “6 DAY MENU“. On this menu, they provide different types of vegan food each weekday. You can check their food menu here. Also, this restaurant has SALADS, WRAPS, SOUPS, JUICES, VEGAN ICE CREAM and more. If you visit New Orleans, you must try this restaurant at least once.

04. Sneaky Pickle

vegan restaurants new orleans

This restaurant was opened in 2014 and there are lots of good vegan foods. All foods are reasonable prices and employees are so friendly. The food menu includes foods like SMALL & MEDIUL, FLATBREADS, SANDWHICHES, LARGER, SIDE, DESSERT and more. This is one of the best places that provide amazing hospitality, so every traveler should visit this restaurant when you travel Big Easy and enjoy their vegan foods.

05. Carmo

vegan restaurants new orleans

The Carmo restaurant founded in 2010 and grew up as the best vegan food restaurant in New Orleans. Also, the team of Carmo provides amazing service for their clients and they are so friendly. They have a great food menu than other restaurants in Big Easy. The menu includes such as Salvadoreño, Peruano, Amazonas, Bahamas, Acadiana and more. As well as the foods are great and you can enjoy it at cheap prices.

Final Word

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